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Gerard Interview (2/3-Part2)


Gerard(G):The feeling that I got, growing up in that area.
Did you kind of had these kind of moments where you're in a
environment, even in high school anywhere else, we
realize why I am completely built differently than every
single person I'm around. From kids bulling other kids,
I watch kids bully other kids, it was about force, aggression
and dominance. And I was like, " Why am I not like that?
Why am I not prompt the conflict, like all these other
kids I'm around? Why am I not prompt the violence?
Why am I not prompt to act out? What is violence like?
Why do I realize, it's so wrong? And why does it make me
noxious? Why I wanna create things, instead of destroy them? "
All around me was kids just wanted other kids just destroy
something. If some kid got a new bike, another kid take
it and destroy it. I've never understood that.

The same thing, that's interesting. We play something
like a Reading Festival and I'd get hit with a golf ball
or a bottle of piss and I would be like, " Wow, why
am I not be like that guy? " (laugh) You know.
What makes me different? Why do I just create something really
special basically give it to the world? And the other people
are just so... They just hate them self so much that they
want to act out in aggression against something, you know.
Something I stand for just really. That's the kind of response
this band's suppose to get. It was a wake up call in the
regard that we had had for the response for a long time.
When the band had started, we had get physical threats,
you know.

Because it was flamboyant and it was unapologetic. That's this
band is. So, it has been a long time, a lot of award shows later,
and a lot of magazine interviews later where it was like " Wow,
I forgot what I felt like to be the outcast. To represent every
kid in the crowd that didn't really fit in at all."


It was exaggerating and extremely challenging.
There is nothing like that to humble you more or let
you know that there is still something to fight for or
the world wants what it wants.
You can't change the world. You can't fight the world.
The world is always going to win based off what it wants.
But it also makes you to realize that sometimes,
minority out there are that's extremely aggressive.
When in fact playing for the majority which is A. really
enjoying what you're doing and B. very peaceful people so.


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