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Gerard Interview (2/3-1)


Gerard(G): I was there. I was in Hoboken. It was right across.
Interviewer(I): Were you living in Hoboken?
(G): No. I was living at my parents'. But I was taking the commuter
train in. I didn't see any of the plain hit. I saw the
buildings go down, though.
(I): You did? From where?
(G): From, I say, fairly close. I mean, the train runs from Hoboken
runs to the World Trade Center. So there is two trains one
runs to on 33rd, one runs to the World Trade Center so, it's right
there is a straight shot from Hoboken terminal. I mean, so
close to the river. You are right in front of those buildings.
It was like being in a science fiction film, you know. Like a
some kind of like a disaster film. It was exactly that kind of
feeling you didn't believe it. Felt like you're in the Independent
Day or something. Made no sense. You really couldn't process it.
And for me, it was a little different. I'm kind of very empathetic
and I'm kind of con to it emotionally and stuff. So I pick up
a lot of the stuff that way. There was three hundred or four
hundred people around me. I was right to the edge. A lot of
people are maybe a little too scared to get to the edge to
the rallying. All of these people behind me, they all had
friends and families in those buildings, I didn't.
So, when that first buildings went, it was like a A-bomb
went off, just this emotion. It made you noxious.
I was more upset for the people around me than for myself.
I think one of the first thoughts went in my head was
"What does this mean?" "What does this mean for the world?"
"How does this gonna change everything?" Yeah, that was pretty
crazy, it was like total fiction. You couldn't believe what's

(I): What were they doing up there?
(G):They were sending people back home on trains for free.
They were basically shuttling people out. And I ended up
walking home that day. I got off the train and walked home.
My mom was really excited to see that I'm still alive and
I was also able to get to home so quickly. The train ride
back was also interesting. Because you were surrounded by
people like were businessman and people were just different
age, different class than me. They were like entrepreneurs
or something. And they were just talking about, I heard
people calling just like, talking having families now,
getting married and all these things. Then talking about
opposite of that. You'd see different opinions, like
guys next to you saying how he doesn't wanna raise a
kid in a world like this. And another guy saying that
he wants to get married and start his own family now, stop
running around. So, that was pretty interesting. I've become
a total people watcher. I was observing a lot that day.

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