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Just Another Tragedy

The middle-aged lady tells us (3min.55sec.〜4min.06sec.) that
"It's a very cultural thing. If you look back in time,
We have Kamikaze Pilots who killed themselves.
Now we have in some culture, we have suicide bombers.
Here we have, where do we get the glory when the life is not going well?"
No mixed-up historical issue and the cultural thing here.
From a Japanese point of view, there is a huge difference
between "A person who attempt random shootings before killing
himself." and "A person who sacrificed himself for the country
or on his belief." In this NIU case, it seems to me that a frustrated
person took the weapons and fired them with anger to the
innocent civilians.

In WWU, Japanese Kamikaze Pilots committed suicide because
the country forced them to do so. In the letters they left
for their family show how they loved their family and didn't
want to go out there knowing they wouldn't be back.

Suicide Bombers in the middle east and the rest of the world
are either poorly educated or brainwashed from the groups of
extremists. Therefore, they give themselves gladly to
achieve "the goal."They strongly believe that they give
themselves to serve their God.

In the United States, the only way to stop those
kind of tragedy is to ban the Fire Arms. In my country, guns
are not allow to most of the people and we rarely hear
the gun related mass murders. That's not bad at all.

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