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会話を聞き取ってみた(Part 6)

<インタビュアー> Well, I wanted to talk to you
because I think you write songs.

<ジェラルド> No. We all do actually. We all write
the songs I think that's the common unfortunate
misconception among the, not you but, the lot of
the bigger press sometimes we do it's just the
misconception. Completely sensualized around me
and it's extremely aggravating because I'm in a
band with four guys that bust their asses
just as much.

<インタビュアー> Well. Gerard. I wanna thank you
very much for this interview and you made my day.

<ジェラルド> I'm glad.

<インタビュアー> I don't know, do you have
anything else that you wanna send out to this
world, keep it in mind that our viewers, they
are with us with their hearts and lots of
them are depressed and have lots of problems
but they also can have fun, so. What do you
wanna say to them?

<ジェラルド> I mean, honestly, you know, as far
as things about depression and things like that,
I've always said that it's more important to
keep yourself alive. There is nothing worth even
hurting yourself over. I mean, I'm a person goes
through a lot of depression and stress and things
like that.
I'm generally happier these days, but I have. It's
normal. It's completely normal to be depressed.
So, I think it's good to have a support group,
it's good to have a people you can call, it's
good to talk to your folks. I think it's just
important that you keep yourself alive. You just
stay fighting. 'Cause actually, it isn't that bad.
I mean, We started this band, thinking the world
is extremely ugly and I think now we are realized
its more beautiful than we thought. And our music
is now reflect of that. So if anything you take
it from a guy in the band who used to think
everything was shit and we found that that's not
all shit.

<インタビュアー> Have you changed?

<ジェラルド> I have. And I'm very happy with how
we changed. We all changed. Like I confine really
beauty in things. I was never able to do that.
Everything's disgusting me and I was very angry
little dude. And I don't feel so angry anymore.
I just wanna, kind of, give the world something

<インタビュアー> Well, You know what? Stop smoking.
<ジェラルド> Hahaha. Yeah.
<インタビュアー> Because it's badly for your health.
<ジェラルド> I know.
<インタビュアー>We don't wanna lose you.
And thanks again.
<ジェラルド> Thank you very much. Good bye.

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会話を聞き取ってみた(Part 5)

ちなみにPart 6で終わります。(長げー)
<インタビュアー> Well, what do you think like,
what keeps you awake at night?

<ジェラルド> Umm...(←タバコ吸っとりますね)
Luckily, because of our schedule, nothing keeps
me awake at night. I lay down at bunk when
I'm tired and I go to bed right away. So, but,
if I had to pick something up, that has...I mean,
I don't have a lot of fears anymore, in terms of,
like, accomplishment. I think accomplishment
used to keep me up at night. I always afraid that
I wasn't going to mount anything. Because that's
kind of what me and guys were told, not by our
parents but, by our teachers, not all of them,
but generally. And by kids at school that we're
different telling us we'll do nothing.
We were treated like we're invisible.
So, um, that's there is a line in the end, that
says " When I grow up, I wanna be nothing at all,
kind of like, "Fuck You" to all that.
Fuck you to all of those people who have said
we'd do nothing, anyway, so...

The question was, though...?

<インタビュアー> What keeps you awake at night?

<ジェラルド> Oh. Yeah. I used to be obsessed
with accomplishing something with myself,
you know.

<インタビュアー> I completely understand what you

<ジェラルド> That keeps you up.
You know, you want not even a career like
you want to mark not even a mark you wanna
create something that people can read or
watch or listen to and I always wanted to
create and that used to keep me up.

<インタビュアー> Well, I'm gonna be honest with
you and yesterday I got an email and I've been
trying to get this (判らない), that said " If
you cannot happen..." and at that moment I just
wanted to, check everything away.

<ジェラルド> Right. Yeah, we don't have a lot of
control over. The funny thing you getting the
email like that is, that I did two interviews
today and they were both fucking awful. I don't
even know how they got into that building. Ah,
probably, because they are from a radio station,
and it's like just because somebody has a radio
station, the questions I was asked were not
worth the time to leave the dressing room where
I was writing, you know. And that upsets you to
find out that just because somebody has some
airtime, they can ask you the most ridiculous
things in the world when somebody... That's why,
when I saw you sending the sign you wanna
interview, I was like, you know what, I
guarantee this interview is going to be better
than any interview I have given in all week.
So this interview, I'm gonna do because I wanna
do it and it's probably fuckin' awesome. So,
that's the point. A lot of stuff that we cannot
control over. And we've been so overworked
lately, so we cut a lot of press. But here we
are anyway so... Sometimes, hopefully this can
be happen. I would rather this happen.

<インタビュアー> Is it worth it?

<ジェラルド> Is what...? (ジェラルド、話聞いてない!?)

<インタビュアー> The interview.
Be careful what you have said.

<ジェラルド> Yeah. No. Yeah. I was just backstage
before I came to do it and I was like Are you
really wanna do it and I was like "Yeah" because
I feel like I screwed my interviews today like I
wasted an hour of my life that I would never get
back giving shitty interviews when I could
actually give a good one and it's probably more
interesting than anything I've said all week, so.
And anyone of these guys have done the interview, too.

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会話を聞き取ってみた(Part 4)

<インタビュアー> You've just said to me
that you're like a normal guy. But, do you still
think that because you see so many people with
this "Gang Mentality" and with this fear and
following each other and you're not.
Do you think...?

<ジェラルド> I see your point is, you are
saying I'm not normal because they are normal.
That's the normal person does. I mean,
everybody I know, that's in my life, is not like
that. It's hard to say. I don't know. I put myself
in a weird predicament here with my answers.
But, maybe I'm not normal, Maybe, then, our
fans are not normal either. Maybe, we are
exception of the rule. I always like to think
that our fans are exception of the rule.

<インタビュアー> Yeah. I think so, too. I think
I'm not normal.

<ジェラルド> Yeah. I think you're right. We're
all like, when I use the term "normal", I mean
it loosely. I mean it to say that I like a cup
of tea just like anybody else. And I like to
sitting around drinking coffee and smoke a
cigarettes just like anybody else. That's what
I mean by "normal". I don't like paint myself,
like, red paint naked run around, like. Nah, I
don't do anything like that. I think, that
is my point. I'm a little bit strange, but
I guess I'm normal in my taste. So I don't know.
Who knows...

<インタビュアー> Well, maybe something funny also.

<ジェラルド> OK.

<インタビュアー> You said "If life ain't just
a joke, then why we are laughing?" so, we
should laugh a bit, too.

<ジェラルド> Haha.

<インタビュアー> So what's the most..Nah..Wait,
Let me think, because you caught me "off-guard"
here. Well, in Auckland, you said a funny thing,
um, you said lots of motherfuckers,
motherfucking and stuff like that and then
said you have a filthy mouth and you told
audience that they don't know where your
great has been so...

<ジェラルド> Right. That was actually a moment
that I had on stage where...I was just,
sometimes, I was just completely snap out of
it to play character. I had just moments in clarity
where I actually, genuinely into the mike. I really
don't really know why occur so much and that
was all that was me.
There is a lot of stuff on stage that was
unplanned. There is a lot of things that
fitting in the songs that I do, show to show
basis. That just fit to me. I like doing them
like crying at the end of Mama, for example,
it's always gonna happen. That's funny to me.
Sometimes changed it up, but, um, yeah, I mean,
it is cursing a lot. I was like " Man, it is
cursing a lot" then I was like, I was thinking
out loud. Sometimes that happens on stage and
that was my favorite shows when I was thinking
out loud.
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会話を聞き取ってみた(Part 3)

<インタビュアー> Why do you think people treat
each other like that? Do you have any explanation
for that?

<ジェラルド> I think people are still fearful
of what they don't understand. That's the
main thing. I think they are animalistic in
tribal of nature. So, there is a "Gang Mentality".
It's very dangerous. You can see the danger of
Gang Mentality, things like festivals, you know
what I mean. And lots of people get hurt,
some people get killed. You see it at soccer
games, you see it in America. "Gang Mentality"
is what can push kids into shooting other kids.
That's not by any means condolent what the
kids do. I think that kids into shooting other
kids are awful awful people. I just think
sometimes, they are the product of "Gang Mentality"
and misunderstanding. And I feel that..You know,
that's the dangerous thing. You get a lot of
people together and for some reason IQ just
drops. So, at our show, we are very confident that
IQ stays very high, at our shows.

<インタビュアー> Yeah?

<ジェラルド> Yeah.

<インタビュアー> Yeah. I think so, too.

<ジェラルド> Right? You get the vibe, I mean,
I've seen fights occasionally in the 6 years we
have been a band with just our shows.
Played with other people's shows had
fights. But, just our shows, I have seen 4
fights. That's an honest answer. And that's not
a lot for playing, fight, thousand of shows.

<インタビュアー> You're correct. Because normally,
the fans are really nice to each other and they
take care each other, sometimes they don't.

<ジェラルド>Sometimes they don't. Sometimes I
see people just get too excited. So anyway,
why people.. getting back to why people
mistreating each other I think that they
don't understand, they are afraid of that they
are animalistic. They don't know how to rush out.
You know, they don't wanna love.
They don't wanna accept. So...
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会話を聞き取ってみた(Part 2)


<インタビュアー> If you had to describe
yourself, what would you say?

<ジェラルド> I don't know...I mean, I'm
genuinely a mellow guy. I don't do good
under stress. I do good under stress
and pressure on stage, whenever I have
to deliver kind with the band, off stage
I have a hard time dealing with the
stress. I'm quiet. I'm completely normal.
I like to sit in draw a lot. I like to watch
movies. I like to read comic books.
I like to read actual books. I like to
hang out with my guys in the band. And
I only have three best friends besides
them in the whole world. And so they're
the same best friends before the band,
You know, I'm genuinely a simple guy.

<インタビュアー> Yeah?

<ジェラルド> Yeah.

<インタビュアー> But, you don't seem it.
If I had to describe you, I would
say someone who wants to change the
world. Am I mistaken in that?

<ジェラルド> No. I mean, we all did. And
we still do wanna change the world.
And, um, but I think you can still kind
be simple and do it. I think, you just
gotta be who you are and assured
yourself creatively like I don't think
I'm completely normal or average
creatively, I think. That's where we're
really kind of shine these people.
I think we are very bold, very assertive
and very aggressive with our vision. And,
so I think, in that way, we're not kind of
appanage to sit around, you know.
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会話を聞き取ってみた(Part 1)


<インタビュアー>You called me about time.
I wasn't really prepared
so thank you so much for that one.

<ジェラルド>You didn't mean right now?

<インタビュアー>No. No. But, it's OK.
I'm already happy to do this.

<ジェラルド>Cool. Cool.

<インタビュアー>I've been trying long and hard.

<ジェラルド>You know you've been amazed that
some of the people actually "DO" get to
interview us. So, go ahead.

<インタビュアー>Really!? OK.

<ジェラルド>Yeah. Like,
I'm surprised you had a hard time.
That's my point. Yeah, so go ahead.
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Happy Birthday to My Mom and Gee!!



最後のほうで「Stop smoking. We don't wanna lose you.」

☆Gang Mentalityが社会を駄目にしていると思う。

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Here's a Little Fun For Ya!



Things to downloadのマイケミのインタビュー。
Things to download:




Retail Hellってサラッと小売業で働く人を敵に回すような

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